Manchester United reportedly to automatically qualify for Carabao Cup final

After the hierarchy at Manchester City has made an appeal to the English FA to postpone their  Premier League game against Everton on the 28th of December 2020 due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus in the playing staff, reports started to fly around that they might need to forfeit their Carabao Cup Semi Final fixture against their neighbours at the other side of Manchester on January 6, 2021.

These reports are not unfounded as there is a verified precedent for it. Tottenham coasted into the 4th round of the Carabao Cup this season as Leyton Orient were automatically disqualified from the competition because of an outbreak of the Coronavirus in their squad.

Manchester United fans have further reasons to smack their lips at the prospect of an easy ride to the Final of the competition as even in the event of a postponement, Manchester united have a harsh run of 8 fixtures in January and 6 in February. They have just 3 games in March but they have an outstanding fixture against Burnley in the EPL and the FA must be racking their heads as to where to fix the game before the season ends.

The organizers of the League Cup might just have to take the easy way out and grant Manchester United a walkover. Manchester City however have a dim ray of hope because the format of the League Cup has been changed this season. Up until the 2019/20 season, Semi Final fixtures used to be double legged fixtures and the Final was usually played in February. That has however changed this season as Semi Final fixtures this season are single legged and the final will be played on April 25 next year as opposed to the February custom.

The League Cup organizers might have had a huge headache trying to fix three fixtures in between January and February in the case of a postponemt of the match. Now, they have 3 months to fix two games. This is a coronavirus outbreak and the whole City squad might need to be tested. This whole thing could however also be a test of how powerful the City hierarchy are. Will they be treated the way Leyton were treated? It remains yet to be seen.

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