Will Kane-Son love story have a romantic ending this season?

The very medium of mutual understanding abides in a peculiar half-transcendence. Is there any attacking pair anywhere that takes pleasure in their own rampant chemistry as Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min?

Tottenham Hotspur opened the weekend game of matchday 17 when they played host to Leeds United. On a sunny afternoon, Jose Mourinho’s side edged out a high pressing and absolutely magnanimous Marcelo Bielsa’s team 3-0 — a victory that help restore their “title challenge” as they are 4 points behind joint league leaders Liverpool and Manchester United while they seat third spot on a dog-eat-dog premier league table.

Not only was the 3-0 win tantalizing but also, for the 13th time this season, the masterclass showpiece of Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min was eye-catching. It seems slSpurs are threading the path of Liverpool’s game plan but in a slightly opposite direction. Like Jürgen Klopp’s high press, spurs defensive shape is a creative weapon too, engineering the perfect attacking condition for Kane and Son to do the damage. Little wonder the pair acted as a destroyer-in-chief on the night when their 2 goals; one goal, one assist apiece silenced Arsenal a Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

However, been on the same wavelength is perhaps a suitable description of Kane and Son’s relationship this season. Their analogous partnership was brought to the fore once again on Saturday as they inflicted a punishing defeat on the visiting side, Leeds United. Though Son had no hand in Kane’s opener: the striker neatly converted from the spot — but the goalscorer was very instrumental in Son Heung-Min’s goal — the second of the afternoon. A clinical pass that took out two of Leed’s defenders dropped in front of Son, the makeshift striker stretched out Ilan Meslier but the keeper would need to do more to meet the fast-paced ball. The brilliance of Kane-Son partnership is unmatchable at the moment. The No 10 and No 7 have coined themselves into a force to be reckoned with in the league. Aside that, they are highly clever and adaptable, able to create the game off the cuff at high speed.

To cap it up, Kane-Son illustrates the way players make systems, with both crafting their own sui-generics role in the team. Kane metamorphosing into a playmaker, drops deep-line to feed precise diagonal passes to the free-running counter-attacking machine, Son who utilizes the ball in elite form.

Son and Kane have spent 5 years together now at spurs and they have been massively prolific notching over 250 goals between them. Tracing the history books, Son cost £22m and Kane progressed from the youth ranks. As prolific as they are, this has been a high-yield investment, one that is now entering its imperial phase, with Mourinho’s style geared completely to attack through these two players.

With 13 goals contributions from the attacking duo — the highest ever in a single season in the premier league — and also 33 goals contributions overall, just 3 behind Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard — suggests that the sky is the limit for these wonderfully inventive partners.

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