“Are You Serious?” Mourinho hits back at Parker’s fixture claims

Tottenham Hotspurs Manager Jose Mourinho has shown no sympathy to matchday rivals Fulham and their manager as both sides look to take on each other on Wednesday.

Spurs were to play Aston Villa but was postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak in the camp of Aston Villa and have now been scheduled to play Fulham instead. This development came with discrepancies as Fulham manager Scott Parker did not hide his feelings by labelling the Premier League’s decision to announce a fixture date with two days to contest as “scandalous”.

Spurs manager Jose Mourinho has now hitback to Parker on his words saying that the Craven Cottage side even have 48 hours to prepare for the game.
“Are you serious? They had 48 hours to prepare for this game. Look, I had the news I was not going to play them two hours before the game started.”
“The biggest impact is to have matches postponed. The changing of the order, the impact is I would say minimal, because in the end you have to play 19 matches at home, 19 away. You have to play two matches against every team”. The former Chelsea, Man United, Real Madrid, Inter and Porto boss added.

Fulham who were due to keep a date with neighbors Chelsea will now be playing against the Blues come Saturday. Jose Mourinho and his Spurs side going into this encounter will be searching for a win which will be taking them back into the top 4 mix.

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