Is Manchester United 21st Premier league title on it’s way?

Manchester United currently sit first in the Premier league after a draw at Anfield against EPL defending Champions Liverpool.

So much was expected from a match  not only between the two most successful clubs in England but also a match between  current EPL Champions and Current EPL leaders.

In the end, neither of both team could take home the three points as both team settled for a draw.

This was a game that Manchester United could have won given the clear cut  chances that came their way.

Rashford was off tonight, Pogba shot straight at Alisson when he had a chance to give Manchester United the lead and Fernandes wasn’t having his best night in a Manchester United shirt. You could tell that was a look of  disappointment on Fernandes face as he cut a frustrated figure while leaving the pitch to be substituted by Mason Greenwood in the 86th minute.

Liverpool has largely been fragile before this match even if they look strong on paper and on the pitch. They have now failed to score in three successive premier league games for the first time in fifteen years.Nothing has remained the same for this Liverpool side since Aston Villa put seven goals past them earlier this season.

Lest you forget- this has been a season of bizarre and surprising football results.

Manchester United had also been whopped at the famous Old Trafford by Tottenham 6-1. Yet Manchester United still sit first at the Premier league table after Eighteen matches played.

Now the question begs to be answered.        Does Ole Gunner Soljkaer have enough in his tank to win the Premier league with Manchester United?

The going is definitely getting tough for Manchester United;but can Manchester United get tough to keep going?

Manchester United currently sit three points clear of the second place in the Premier league but can they maximise this opportunity to claim their 21st Premier league title.

Their biggest threat so far is Manchester City who if they win their outstanding will climb to number one dethroning Manchester United to number 2.

The last time Manchester United sat at the top of the Premier league table after new year was 2013 and they went on to win the EPL that year.

Of course 2013 is a different year from 2021. They had Sir Alex Ferguson that year and boasted of one of Europe finest teams then. Fast forward it to 2021, they now have and inconsistent team and Ole Gunner Soljkaer a coach who many has described as a “tactically inept” coach.

All coaches who had won the last four Premier league titles had a specified pattern and structure memorized to muscle memory by their players making them somewhat untouchable during their title winning seasons.

Make no mistake though Ole Gunner Soljkaer has tried his best to sail this Manchester United Premier league ship without looking spectacular.

The mentality of the players are now shaping back gradually to what it looked like under Sir Alex  they havFerguson.Though they have lost  4 semi finals under Ole Gunner Soljkaer but there is no arguments that this Manchester United side has improved under the reign of Ole Gunner Soljkaer- though it’s slow but steady. Compared to last year by this time, they were playing catch up with the top 4 in order to play in the Champions league

They now boast of a finer attack, better midfield and defence which is gradually picking it’s pace after a sober start to the league.

Most important. They their best players together which is the first step to winning titles.

Manchester United has scored 34 goals in 18 EPL games played  this season with 16 coming in the final 30 minutes of those games including the famous heist against Brighton and Hove Albion. Champions has always been known to persevere and keep pushing till they cross the finish line and that’s exactly the spirit Ole has instilled in his boys. They never give up till the final whistle is blown.

They have many questions to answer if they have to win the league of course. Ranging from their wasteful forwards to their leaky defence, inconsistent players and giving away leads cheaply.

Till these issues are addressed, questions will continue to pop up if Ole and his boys have enough to win the Premier league this season.




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