Jose Mourinho “The Special One” is without a doubt one of the best managers to have ever done it. Twenty five major trophies including multiple Europa and Champions League trophies and League trophies from 4 different leagues to mention a few, places him in the upper echelon of managers ever. But since his dismissal from Chelsea in December of 2015, he has not been able to have the same effect he has been known for on his teams. He did win the Europa League trophy with Manchester United but the team never completely bought into his style of play and the same lack lustre performances seen in United has carried over into his spell at Spurs.


For years Jose Mourinho has been criticized for being too pragmatic and even more for refusing to change his system. And his stubbornness to an extent is understandable. The Portuguese has always been know for building a tough, gritty team that plays high level defense and effective offense. His sides never needed more than a hand full of chances to score and were so solid defensively that a one nil score at half time almost always meant it was game over. So why is this no longer effective? Well for one more teams are willing to play expansive football, build up from the back and keep hold of the ball when they can. Back in the day Jose’s sides only had to defend really well against the best of the best. But now even the “lower” teams are willing to go out and keep possession and that means he has to defend against more teams than usual. It is one thing to grind out results against the best and a different thing to play an entire season on the back foot and that is the narrative around Mourinho in the past half decade. He has an un entertaining system that fans and management bear with because a trophy is assured. Right now the trophies are not raining in for Jose and with his “negative” approach to football, there is nothing that gives hope to the fans and that causes the patience of the suits to wear thin.


A Jose Mourinho led side has never lost consecutive home games in the league ever. Chelsea under new boss Thomas Tuchel has however ended that record after Jorginho slotted home from the spot. The defeat leaves Spurs outside the top four, six points behind fourth placed Liverpool with a game in hand. It also means that Spurs have lost three straight games and have one win in their last five.


To further compound their issues their is no certainty as to when Spurs talisman Harry Kane will return from the ankle injury he picked up against Liverpool. Jose Mourinho was once a sure path to a trophy, a manager who would give you instant success, the special one. What the last five years has shown us however is that the special one, is not so special after all.

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