Cavani is leaving United – Sources

Sources have told News Channel ESPN that Uruguayan Cavani would be leaving England at the end of the season. Cavani has scored seven goals in 27 games since moving to Old Trafford on a free transfer in October. He signed a two-year contract, but both the 34-year-old and United have the option to cut short the deal in the summer.

Both parties also have the chance to extend the two year contract by an additional year – a clause exercisable from by June this year. United are however obligated to pay Cavani 2 Million Euros should they choose not to extend.

Friends and families of Cavani have used different media to pass the message that El Matador is not very convenient in England. The recent FA misunderstanding in which he was found guilty of racism after using Uruguay translates as friend but as racist in England early in the year.

He has the option to continue in Manchester, where he feels very welcome, but the option to return to South America at this point is very real,”

One of the sources even stated that the decision to leave United is going to be taken by Cavani. Luis Cavani, father to Edinson last month said that it’s very likely that his son goes to a South American club when he does leave the English giants. Other sources say That he would rather stay in the top leagues ahead of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.
After his father’s interview, Cavani posted a picture on Instagram of him celebrating a goal for United alongside a message in Spanish saying that he is “proud” to wear those colors.

United are reportedly not in a rush as they are waiting for Cavani to be back on injury so they can discuss his future with him.

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