Wembley to host 2024 UCL Final

Just days after the Euro 2020 final, UEFA has announced that the final of the 2024 UEFA Champions League final will be played at the Wembley Stadium, England.

The decision to have the final of the competition played in Wembley in three years time comes days after the national stadium suffered a massive security breach during the Euro 2020 final, which saw over five thousand folks that had not tickets bump into the stadium and get seats for themselves among the empty seats and some corridors.

The breach placed doubts on the FA’s ability to deliver to the UEFA when demands are placed on it and it even resulted in a charge by the UEFA.

UEFA has actally earlier denied suggestions that the 2021 UCL final be played in Wembley after proposals were made due to the final being an all English affair.

Despite all this though, Wembley will host the final in three years time – 11 years after it hosted the 2013 European final between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

However, the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul will host the 2023 Champions League final by UEFA.

The coronavirus pandemic has prevented the Turkish venue from hosting the final after the event was meant to take place over there in 2021 and then 2021.

Lisbon took over as host for a final-eight ‘mini-tournament’ last year and this May’s all-English encounter between Chelsea and Manchester City was switched to Porto at short notice.

Due to this alteration, Munich’s Allianz Arena will now play hosts to the final in 2025 rather than 2023. Next year’s encounter is due to be played in St Petersburg.

The Europa League final will be hosted in Dublin in 2024 and Bilbao in 2025, according to the European governing body.

Bilbao will also host the Women’s Champions League final in 2024. Prior to the outbreak, both cities were set to host Euro 2020 matches.

The statement that confirmed these changes said: ‘Following the withdrawal of hosting rights for UEFA Euro 2020 from two of the original hosts cities, the UEFA executive committee today approved a settlement agreement which includes the staging of future club competition finals, recognising the efforts and financial investment put (in) by the two cities in preparing for the tournament.’


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