I am ready for the new season: Mane

Sadio Mane of Liverpool believes he can improve on ‘not his best’ performance.
Season 2020/21.

Sadio Mane’s 2020/21 Liverpool side as a whole had a somewhat dismal 2020/21 campaign.This, of course, was largely owing to the squad’s severe injury difficulties during the Covid-19-affected campaign.

However, even without injuries, a few Liverpool players underperformed considerably throughout the season. Sadio Mane was one of them, who, despite 11 goals and eight assists in the league, had a fairly mediocre season by his standards.

Mane appeared to be aware of this himself, as he regularly underwent physical examinations to ensure that nothing was physically wrong with him. Mane believes in his ability to grow. Mane has lately spoken about his dismal 2020/21 season and how much more rejuvenated he is following a decent summer break.

When asked if he feels better physically this season, the one time Golden boot winner responded:

‘Certainly. I believe it is always necessary for a player to take a vacation, as this was the first time I have had four weeks or more off since I joined Liverpool, and I believe it helps a lot at times. ‘I could tell from the start that everyone was looking great, which was incredible to me! I’m not complaining about having a week or two weeks off, but I believe it’s always beneficial for us to have this extended length of vacation.

‘At the same time, we worked on individual training during the summer, which was critical because you could see from day one that everyone was looking sharp and ready to go for the new season.’

Then, after analyzing his accomplishments from the previous season, he recognized that it was not his finest, but vowed to improve this time around: ‘Well, I believe as I stated at the outset, and when I stated it, I meant it.
It was not my best season, as I am well aware.

‘As I have always stated, anything is possible in football, but I believe it will not be the same [next] season.
Certainly, I am more prepared, psychologically, physically, and otherwise, and I believe it will be an interesting season for me.’

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