Barcelona short of suitors for Griezmann

It’s no secret that Barcelona wants to offload Antoine Griezmann in order to decrease their pay bill this summer, but doing so is proving to be more difficult than it appears at first glance.
According to reports, the club’s second highest earner must make way in order for the club to be able to re-sign Lionel Messi to a new deal, but in order to do so, the club must find a suitor.

Atletico Madrid are the only club to have been significantly associated with him so far, but even they are unwilling to pay a transfer fee for him, and president Joan Laporta is reasonably apprehensive about gifting a great player to a direct championship competitor.

Having learned from the mistake made by Josep Maria Bartomeu in gifting Atletico Madrid another striker, Luis Suarez, only a year ago, Laporta is determined to avoid the same humiliation.

Due to Barcelona’s desire for a major player or a significant money for Griezmann, the French capital and England are the only two viable options.

Griezmann has not been mentioned in any of the speculation surrounding the Paris Saint-Germain transfer, and Mauricio Pochettino already has a brilliant front line full of superstars in the form of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

In England, there has also been little or no interest in his services.
United, who have been connected with Griezmann in the past, have expressed little interest in the player as they shift their transfer policy to focus on younger players and Griezmann is already past the age of 30.

The fact that he is nearly 30 years old precludes him from joining either Liverpool or Chelsea, both of whom have strong policies regarding players who have already reached their 30th birthday. Manchester City appears to favor the more expensive option of a younger and homegrown Harry Kane over the more expensive alternative of a more experienced and international Harry Kane.

Tottenham and Arsenal, two of the clubs wealthy enough to pay the World Cup winner’s transer fee and salary, will not compete in the Champions League this season, and as such are unlikely to attract Griezmann’s attention as one of football’s most promising young players.

As a result, there is no interest from the Premier League, and Barcelona will have to find an alternate solution.vIf Laporta and his colleagues are keen to offload Griezmann before the summer transfer window closes, they may be forced to cut their asking price or, worse, consider selling to a competitor as time runs out.

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