The famous parable teaches forgiveness and from the very first minute of the game, the away fans sang the name of their returning striker. All was forgiven indeed. The possibility of landing Lukaku was not even discussed a few weeks ago, but with Dortmund unshaken in their decision not to sell super star striker Erling Haaland for what was reported as a mouth watering one hundred and fifty million Euros, Chelsea had to turn to a familiar face in Romelu Lukaku.

The last time Lukaka played for Chelsea he missed a crucial penalty in the Super Cup essentially loosing Chelsea a chance at their first trophy that season. Since then he has played for Everton, Manchester United and just recently won Internazionale Milan their first league trophy in over a decade.
The young Belgian on dreads who was not good enough to start in a team with European aspirations has grown into a global star. One hundred and fifteen million was what it took to bring back their “lost son” and it took all of fifteen minutes for Big Rom to get on the goal sheet. A typical Lukaku goal it was. He received the ball with his back to goal, held it up, passed it off, made a brilliant run into the box shrugging off Pablo Mari in the process and slotted home from close range. That goal encapsulates Romelu Lukaku’s strengths and growth since he last played in the Premier League. What should be scary to other Premier League teams should not be his goals though. He has grown into a proven goal scorer over the years and scoring more than twenty goals per season is a given. It’s his effect on other players in the team that is a scary prospect. If we are to go by what we just saw against Arsenal then Chelsea could be the best team in the league. They are patient in their build up almost to a fault. They keep the ball in the opposition half as good as anyone, they can beat a persistent press with swift one touch football and are very organized defensively. With the addition of Lukaku they have a focal point up front, something they lacked for most of last season. He is such a goal threat that he attracts the attention of all defenders in close proximity leaving acres of space for the likes of Havertz and Mount.
The presence of Lukaku in this Chelsea team will make other players around him better and if that’s the case, we may be crowning new Champions come seasons end. The prodigal son has returned, he has been forgiven and now, it’s time for the party!

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