Analysis: The interesting contrast between Individual quality and Team quality

There is a balance to be struck between how much field deficiencies can be altered by better personnel (eg midfield) and better training. However, I don’t see enough discussion striking that balance. It’s either “we need good players” or “the coach needs to be better”.

In short: there is individual quality (IQ) and team quality (TQ).

The IQ is how good individual players are:

• technician
• physical
• tactical
• mental
• etc

The TQ is how good the team is:

• strategy
• tactics
• structure
• game patterns
• etc

Both IQ and TQ are affected by players and staff. If the IQ is bad, the coach cannot play at the highest level and if the TQ is bad, the players cannot play at the highest level. They need to synthesize well to win titles.

To win a title, a team needs to have sufficient IQ, in defense, midfield and attack. Likewise, TQ in almost all three areas in order to compete at the highest level for titles.

In most “problems”, both the IQ and the TQ are involved. For example, if a team in defensive transition and a, say, Center Back dives into a challenge that results in an easy progression for the opponent, it’s a bad IQ that he did, but also a bad TQ that he was exposed to in that situation. .

So how can we analyze this? It’s a two-pronged approach:

First, we analyze the IQ of the player in question. This allows us to solve the specific problems that the player in question had then or has in general. So, we look at the TQ to prevent the situation from happening again.

These questions are almost always multifactorial; Both IQ and TQ need to be addressed, as soccer, by nature, is a sport in which hundreds of variables are simultaneously interacting with each other. It’s very rare that just IQ or TQ is the problem. It’s almost always both.

  • I don’t intend to continue this article as it’s just me thinking out loud about something that I think would help a lot of people here who are specifically analyzing the game or just talking about the performance of players, teams, etc.

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