The takeover of Newcastle is probably the only deal that has taken longer than Sancho to Manchester United to get done and it is finally official. On Thursday the English Premiere League confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Funds (PIF) had completed the take over. This after taking control of 80% stake in the club putting an end 14 largely unsuccessful years under the ownership of Mike Ashley.

There are a lot of reasons to be skeptical about this deal. For one, PIF is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia which has a total estimated asset of at least $500M. However in the statement earlier released by the Premiere league, they did confirm that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not control Newcastle. Secondly, there have been human rights violation accusations levied against the higher ups of the investment company, to the Premiere League by Amnesty International. And there is also the issue of distributing pirated football content in the area after beIn Sports was banned in Saudi Arabia due to a “dispute” over four years ago. How all these very serious issues took just about 18 months to rectify still remains a shock to some but for the Newcastle fans who now have an owner with resources beyond their wildest dreams,they can dare to hope again.

Now there is no certainty that Newcastle will become a powerhouse just because they have owners worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Manchester City’s rise to prominence is the common example being sighted by people but what if Man City is the exception and not the rule. The presence of the new owners has already filled the Newcastle fans with new hope and expectations which will eventually turn to pressure. Every transfer window will become more scrutinized as they expect players of higher quality and status. Every player they attempt to sign will suddenly be worth twice as much and thus, the criticism of the player will also be doubled. Every loss will be met with chants of “Manager Out!” and every season that ends in the bottom half of the table will be a disappointment. This is the same Newcastle team that since finishing 5th in the 11/12 season has only finished in the top half of the Premier league table twice and has been relegated. They have not been a good side!

Let’s not forget, Newcastle United play in the Premiere League which is not only the most competitive league in the world, but the league with the highest spenders almost every window. Teams like Man City, Man United and Chelsea already have star studded teams all worth at least £300M each and all will still look to bolster their teams come the transfer window. The likes of Leicester and Aston Villa continue to get better and spend as much as they can to keep up with the rest whereas Newcastle, have only just started their process.

The next summer transfer window will be telling. For Manchester City they spent a whopping £135M on players in Sheikh Mansour’s first window breaking the British transfer record to sign Robinho whilst also getting in Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta amongst others for relatively less. Most of the players from the first window didn’t really pan out including their poster boy, Robinho but the intent was made. Similar aggressive action will be expected of the new Newcastle owners in the coming windows. Current manager, Steve Bruce leaving looks like a foregone conclusion which means the search for a new manger is ongoing all while battling all teams in Europe for the best available players, year after year. I’m happy for fans of the Magpies. There seems to be a new sense of belief in the club and rightly so seeing that they have been badly run for over a decade. However patience should be exercised. Prepare for then worst while praying for the best and realize that with more money, comes more problems.

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