Mallam Academy CEO: Eleven year old Danladi will be one of the world’s finest

Danladi Sodiq Abubakar, also known as “Little Zizou” an eleven-year-old football-crazed Nigerian youngster whose greatest dream is to play professional football under his idol, Zinedine Zidane. To put it simply, this little Zizou has an exceptional talent.

The youngster was born in Nigeria and has been in Nigeria all his life according to eldportenews. It’s absurd how good he is for his age. It’s unsurprising that he has plays great even though he plays with players in superior age groups to him.

Given his style of play, it’s expected that he’s been called ‘Little Zizou’. He merges the technique of Zidane with flair of Kaka. Although the Nigerian is currently signed by  Mallam Football Academy, he is an aspirational young man  who aspires to play football professionally in Europe.

He regards Jayjay Okocha as an idol, and the even though the Super Eagles legend has not taken notice of the teenager’s abilities, he believes that with consistency and determination, he can get his attention in no time.

Funbi Ogunfuwa, CEO of Mallam Football Academy, talked to eldeporte recently about his prospect. He said that one of Danladi’s ambitions is to become the world’s finest player.

“Danladi aspires to be the world’s finest player,” he began.

“I’m confident he’ll develop into a fantastic player. He is extremely gifted and self-motivated. It will be a long journey, and we will keep our focus in order to succeed.  He could even be Nigeria’s youngest player at the World Cup. I am that confident of his abilities”.

“We’re considering the future and possible future actions. Nothing will be able to stop us. Danladi  is a fan of football.

“He is presently a member of the Mallam Football Academy and aspires to be the world’s finest footballer. As a result, I’m doing everything I can to assist him.”

Danladi Sodiq Abubakar: keep the name in mind. The eleven-year-old is in for a very bright future.

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