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We discuss another brutal loss for Manchester United to how seriously we should take West Ham in todays segment of overreaction Monday.

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I think at this point it is clear that the Manchester United board are not just paying lip service to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when they say they are behind him and what he is building at the club. The five nil trashing at home against Liverpool was followed by another miserable home performance against Manchester City and yet, the Norwegian remains at the helm at Manchester United. That can only mean one thing. These results were expected. I believe the Manchester United hierarchy have accepted that loosing games at home to rivals is the level they are at right now under Ole Gunnar and as long as those losses do no ultimately affect the bigger picture, which is qualification for next years Champions League and a respectable run in the Champions League (whatever that is) he will remain as the manager. Those guys are very much all in on Ole.

Just a month ago Mikel Arteta was under pressure was touted as one of the under fire managers in the league. Turns out all you really need is a fully fit squad and a really good goalkeeper. Since Arsenals week 3 loss to Manchester City they are yet loose a single game in the Premier league keeping 5 clean sheets in that span. The performances have not quite been classic Arsenal but there is improvement from game to game, Emile Smith-Rowe seems to have fully embraced his role as the teams talisman, the Arsenal defense can now soak up pressure consistently and when that doesn’t work, they have Aaron Ramsdale who has been exceptional since joining the team. So, is arsenal back on track? That may be a slight overreaction but from one week to another we are seeing, growing confidence and belief in their system and that should count for something. Arsenal will face just two traditional top six teams from now till New Year’s Day which give them favorable fixtures to help keep the confidence high, as long as the performances remain consistently good. COYG!

Look, I agree that it is unfair to put pressure on a manager who has not managed a single game for his new club yet, but this is actually aimed at all the Newcastle ‘people’ who believed they were going to suddenly rediscover themselves and return to being a household name in the Premier League. It just does not work that way. I’ll start off by saying I’m a big Eddie Howe fan, absolutely loved how he set up Bournemouth to play attacking fluid football despite being the underdogs for most of their time in the league. That being said, I’m afraid that Newcastle may just have dug themselves a hole too big to get out of. What happened to all the talks of signing Antonio Conte and getting Hazard and Coutinho in during the transfer window? How did it get from the possibility of signing Zidane, to now, Eddie Howe? It was always going to be a process and Unai Emery rejecting Newcastle may just have been a reality check for Newcastle. Eddie Howe I believe will be good for them. Their performances will surely get a boost and if they get relegated, at least they have a manager who they know can bring them back up. So maybe instead of watching the Champions League next season, Newcastle fans will be watch the Championship but that’s okay. Slow and steady they say…

Beating Liverpool is no small feat but for West Ham, considering the way they have been playing for the past 6 months, this was an announcement. The West London outfit continue to impress under David Moyes and it maybe time to add them to the Super League. West ham can beat you multiply ways. They have a good defensive unit, they work really hard in midfield and on offense. Their shape is strong and they can hurry you when they decide to press. They have the players to keep the ball when they need to but ultimately will look to punish you on the counter with Michael Antonio and co. I’m not sure a lot of people had high hopes for West Ham leading up to this season. A lot of their second half success last season was chalked up to luck and Jesse Lingard. But this is a team that had spent some money over the years to bring in players that can help the team but never quite got it right with their managerial appointment. It just goes to show you that with he right manager in place, a team of talented player can and will flourish. We are beginning to see the quality in the likes of Benrahama, Jared Bowen and Pablo Fornals. Thomas Soucek is used in a Fellaini-esque role, and suddenly a team of individual talents are playing off the strengths of one another. That leads to growth and improvements like we have seen from Antonio and Declan Rice. It is indeed beautiful to watch.

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