Romelu Lukaku needs goals to re-engage Chelsea supporters : Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel is adamant that goals are the only way for Romelu Lukaku to reclaim his best form – and mend old wounds at Chelsea.

Lukaku was reinstated last week after being suspended during an unannounced interview in which he criticized Tuchel’s tactics.

Lukaku scored in last Saturday’s FA Cup triumph over Chesterfield, and his boss has stated that the Belgian is prepared to make an impact for his team ahead of Wednesday’s Carabao Cup semi-final second leg against Tottenham.

Lukaku, 28, told Italian media that he was dissatisfied with his £97.5 million return to Chelsea because Tuchel had ‘decided to play a different system’.

However, the German stated, ‘We are not going to change his style or the player. He can simply be Romelu and we will all be OK, and he will score, like he usually does. Nothing is more beneficial than goals from strikers.

‘There is no talk or movie that can generate the same level of trust or emotion as a goal. It makes no difference whether it is a beautiful or a simple goal; they need to get the ball across the line; nothing helps more than that. I have no doubt he is in the best possible condition to assist us at the time.’

Lukaku was recalled for Chelsea’s 2-0 victory against Tottenham in the first leg at Stamford Bridge. Although he did not score, Tuchel stated: ‘Romelu made a tremendous physical effect.

‘Perhaps he didn’t have as many touches, wasn’t as magnificently involved, or took too many chances, but he was involved in a critical role with his physical attributes. That was evident in his findings. This is critical.

‘Once he adjusts to the league’s physical style, there is little question he will score and make a significant influence.’

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