Feisty Frank blasts ‘unbelievably fortunate’ Manchester United after Brentford loss

Thomas Frank, the Brentford manager, delivered a critical evaluation of Manchester United’s credentials following his side’s 3-1 defeat to the Red Devils.

United won 3-1 thanks to Anthony Elanga, Mason Greenwood, and Marcus Rashford, although they rode their luck at times – or, as Frank put it: ‘In the first half, we totally devastated Manchester United.

‘I’m ecstatic with my squad. We are the Premier League’s smallest club, whereas Manchester United are the league’s largest. We annihilated them in the first half; they didn’t have a chance, we created three massive opportunities, and this game could only have had one winner.

‘They are unfathomably fortunate. I am well-versed in the art of taking risks. They altered the system in favor of small Brentford.

‘One of those evenings, and credit to David de Gea, if we have those opportunities again, one will go in the net. Our intensity destroyed them; we demonstrated this in the first half, when we played Brentford style.

‘The game became more open, but they didn’t have a chance before to their score. That is why they paid £72 million for Jadon Sancho despite the fact that he is not even on the team.

‘Of the three goals, the second is the most discouraging and difficult to recover from. We destroyed them in the first half, and I am extremely pleased of my squad.’

Brentford have now lost five of their previous six Premier League games and are currently 14th in the table.

However, Frank was categorical in his praise for his team’s performance against such great opponents.

‘I understand that goals alter the flow of games, but when you consider the whole performance over 90 minutes, there was only one winner, and that was us,’ he explained.

‘I’m immensely proud of the squad and players, as well as the manner in which we annihilated Manchester United in the first half. We had six opportunities. They possessed none.

‘It’s a marvel they weren’t down 2-0 at the break. My guys were always running and fighting, and they did so until the bitter end.’

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