Neymar: I became a footballer and experienced both joy and turmoil.

Neymar has talked out on how the three-part Netflix documentary about his life will shed light on him and his life.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward claimed that his public image may alter as a result of his release.

“Those who are familiar with me understand who I am, and that is all that matters to me,” Neymar told ESPN.

“As for those who don’t know me and just speak poorly of me, I ignore them. However, I hope they may still see this documentary and, ideally, it will improve their perception or image of me.

“I’m hoping they can grow to like me… even just a little bit!

“Few people truly understand who I am. Just my closest friends, family, and a few teammates, and now I feel like I can share a little more of my life, of how I am on a daily basis, at work and at home, as a father, a son, and a brother. I’m hoping that this documentary demonstrates that aspect to the public.

“It is what we have worked for; we are presenting the facts completely, and that is what important.”

The series is dubbed ‘The Perfect Chaos,’ a nod to the tragic narrative that surrounds the Brazilian.

“It’s named that because it’s always been like way throughout my life,” Neymar added.

“Since I was six months old, I’ve been involved in an accident with my parents, and that’s when the mayhem began. Following that, we recovered and nothing happened to me.

“Following that, I became a footballer. Of course, I’ve had some extremely wonderful times, but my life has also been filled with a great deal of craziness.”

Neymar has never concealed his frustrations with the attention he has received in Brazil and Europe.

“You must keep your head straight in order to avoid falling or collapsing,” he explained.

“Family and friends are critical, but so are my colleagues. They’re constantly behind me, ready to provide a hand with a word or a hug if I’m having a bad day.

“However, I believe that I am now strong. I’m a strong man, not only physically but mentally as well, since I’m always under pressure as a result of who I am, where I play, and a variety of other factors.

“However, I now have a strong mind, which I earned through a lot of hard work, and I believe it is another very excellent thing about me: not only am I able to play football, but I’ve also prioritized my mental health.”

Neymar is presently out with an injury, but hopes to recover in time for the Champions League match against Real Madrid.

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