Real Madrid and Chelsea players must be inoculated for the Champions League.

The French government has strengthened restrictions on persons who have not been vaccinated against covid-19, which directly affects players competing in UEFA competition.

The French government of President Emmanuel Macron has strengthened restrictions on persons without a covid-19 vaccine, which will effect the next Champions League matches in France, particularly Lille-Chelsea and PSG-Real Madrid.

Vaccination is mandatory when in France.
On Sunday, France’s parliament approved the government’s latest steps to combat the covid-19 virus, including a vaccination pass that was challenged by anti-vaccine activists. The lower chamber of parliament voted 215 to 58 in favor, clearing the door for the bill to take effect in the coming days.

The new law, which struggled through parliament due to opposition parties’ concerns about some of its features, would require vaccination certificates for entry into public areas such as restaurants, cafés, movies, and long-distance trains. At the moment, unvaccinated individuals having a recent negative covid-19 test can access such locations. According to the Health Ministry on Saturday, about 78 percent of the population is completely vaccinated.

President Emmanuel Macron, who is set to seek re-election in French April presidential election, recently told Le Parisien newspaper that he wants to “piss off” unvaccinated individuals by complicating their life to the point that they would end up taking the covid vaccination.

As of next month, it will no longer be sufficient to submit a negative test in order to access restaurants, theaters, or even the nation. And there are Champions League matches coming up next month. Real Madrid and Chelsea will meet in the last 16 against PSG and Lille, respectively, with Los Blancos visiting Paris on 15 February and the London side crossing the Channel on 16 March.

According to AS sources, the whole Madrid squad has been inoculated, allowing them to enter French territory without incident. Similar circumstances prevailed at the previous Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, when the whole squad traveled without incident. Obviously, any January transfer window additions would have to be verified.

UEFA clarified in a statement that the teams must “in principle” follow each country’s individual instructions. The governing body of European football is now amending its own covid restrictions. The present regulations require the home team to suggest an alternate neutral location if the visiting team is harmed by government limitations.

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