Jamie Dhother planning life after soccer

31 year old Canadian footballer,Jamie Dhother, has already begun thinking about life after the pitch. Jamie, who wants to try a new challenge in England in the Summer is now considering a move into the movie industry after retiring from soccer.  In a recent interview with eldeporte, he is quoted to have said:

” As soccer is my passion, so as movie is. I would really like to try something new with my life and I see acting as a great opportunity”

Victoria Justice and Melanie Iglesias are two of Jamie’s inspirations in the movie business, and he hopes to meet them in his prospective professional path.

In the Canadian Soccer League, Jamie had a brief stint with Serbian White Eagles before deciding to move to England this summer.

Jamie plans to pursue a career in the film business in the future and he is firm with the belief that he will make a groundbreaking impact in it.

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